Mince Pies!


Part 1 | Introduction

Part 2 | Equipment and Ingredients

Ingredients | For 6 pies


Part 3 | Before The Meeting

A | Heat your oven to 180 agrees centigrade

B | Get your ingredients together in separate bowls

C | Rub margerine into the patty tin and sprinkle with flour

Part 4 | Make

Step 1 | Mix flour and butter

Step 2 | Add Sugar and Salt

Step 3 | Form a dough

Step 4 | Reserve dough for lids

Step 5 | Make the mince pie cases with the remaining dough.

Step 6 | Teaspoon of mincemeat

Step 7 | Make the lids

Step 8 | Bake!

Step 9 | Take out of oven and cool

Step 10 | Enjoy!

Part 5 | Badges



Part 1 | Introduction ⭱

The plan is that we will all make six mince pies together in the meeting.

Parents – you will need to supervise your cubs!

We are going to follow the recipe here: Paul Hollywood Mince Pies.

However, I have reduced the ingredients quantity so that we only make 6 – more may take too much time for the meeting.

They take about 20 minutes to cook, and another 5 minutes to cool.

I suggest you have the oven on and all of the ingredients ready before we start the meeting, so we can just focus on making them.

If we have time, we will have a go at a Christmas Movie quiz whilst we are waiting for them to cook and cool!

We will then show off our pies to each other!

What do government secret service staff eat at Christmas?

Mince spies!

Lets get stuck in.

Part 2 | Equipment and Ingredients ⭱

In this section are the equipment and ingredients you will need.

Ingredients | For 6 pies ⭱

I have halved the ingredients to make it a little easier.

You will need:-

1. Plain Flour – NOT-self raising

175g plain flour

2. Butter or Margarine

120g butter or margarine from the fridge (diced).

Margarine may be easier.

3. Sugar

40g golden caster sugar

Ordinary sugar will also do.

4. Jar of Mincemeat

A jar will be plenty – you will not use much of it in practice.

5. Salt

A "pinch" (what you can pinch between thumb and forefinger).

6. Egg

1 small egg, well beaten

7. Optional – Finely ground almond

If you are confident, you could replace some of the flour with finely ground almonds.

8. Optional – Icing Sugar

Icing sugar, to dust after cooking; although they will be very sweet in any event.

Equipment ⭱

You will need the following (see picture at end):-

1. A grown up

To reach for things for you.

2. Scales

To weigh things in.

3. A mixing bowl

Something to mix the ingredients in.

4. A patty tin

This is a tin with the indentations to put the pies in.

5. Oven gloves

For holding hot trays.

6. Bowls

To put ingredients in.

7. OPTIONAL – Lid Cutter

For different type of lid. See the star cutter in the picture.

Part 3 | Before The Meeting ⭱

In this section are the equipment and ingredients you will need.

A | Heat your oven to 180 agrees centigrade ⭱

Note for cubs:

B | Get your ingredients together in separate bowls ⭱

This is so that all we need to do is mix them together in the meeting – like TV chefs!

You will need in separate bows:-

C | Rub margerine into the patty tin and sprinkle with flour ⭱

Rub some sunflower oil or margarine in the tin, and dust with a little flour, to try to stop things sticking.

Part 4 | Make ⭱

Here are the instructions to make it.

Step 1 | Mix flour and butter ⭱

Rub the butter/margarine and flour between your fingers firmly so that it combines to form something like breadcrumbs.

Do not squash it in the palm of your hand or the butter will heat from your hand and melt; just crush it together firmly with your thumbs and fingertips.

Shake the bowl every so often and the bigger bits will come to the top for you to work on.

Keep going until there are no big bits left and it is all small dry crumbs of combined butter and flour.

Step 2 | Add Sugar and Salt ⭱

Pour in the bowl of sugar and stir through.

Add the pinch of salt.

Step 3 | Form a dough ⭱

Option 1 | Without Egg

Mix it all together with your hands, squashing it together, until you have a dough.

Without the egg you get a crumblier short bread feel, and it is less messy to work with your hands; but you must squash the dough together more firmly to combine it: this is what I did in the pictures.

If it is too crumbly add a teaspoon of cold water.

Option 2 | With Egg

If you want a less crumbly dough, then add HALF of the beaten egg and mix into the flour mixture with a wooden spoon first.

Use your hands once it is more combined and gently work it into a dough.

Place on floured surface

Put it on a floured work surface or large chopping board when done.

Step 4 | Reserve dough for lids ⭱

Separate off about 1/3 of the dough for the lids.

Step 5 | Make the mince pie cases with the remaining dough. ⭱

Next, split the remaining 2/3 of the dough into SIX roughly same size chunks.

Option 1 | Roll out

You could then use a rolling pin to roll out each dough chunk to about 3-5mm thick. Then press it into the patty tin.

It doesn't really matter how thick it is – don't over think it!

Option 2 | Press out directly in patty tin

The alternative is to put a chunk in the tin and press it out to the edges with your fingers! A bit messier, but fun!

Step 6 | Teaspoon of mincemeat ⭱

Next spoon out a teaspoon of mincemeat into each case.

Do not over fill or it will spil out when baking and burn.

OPTIONALLY – Brush the pastry edge with some beaten egg to get a browner finish.

Step 7 | Make the lids ⭱

Roll out the 1/3 of the dough to about 3-5 mm, or more if you want.

If you don't have a rolling pin, press it out on a chopping board with the palm of your hand.

Then either use a small cup, or a cookie cutter (I used a star cutter), to cut out each lid from the flattened dough and put it on top of the pie case.

If you have a full covering, press them on the edge to seal.

OPTIONALLY - brush with a bit of the remaining beaten egg if you want a browner finish.

Step 8 | Bake! ⭱

Bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Step 9 | Take out of oven and cool ⭱


Remove them and let them cool in the tin on top of your oven.

Do not try to get them out yet. They will still be a little soft as they will be very hot.

Cooling them lets them rest and firm up.

Sprinkle with a little icing sugar after (if you have not had enough sugar already!).

Step 10 | Enjoy! ⭱

Now get on with eating them!

Part 5 | Badges ⭱

Counts towards the following badges.

Chef ⭱


Link | Badge | Chef


"2. Different ways of preparing and cooking food."

Skills ⭱


Link | Badge | Skills


"4b make cakes, bread, biscuits or something similar"

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