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Make a simple mini-pizza.


Part 1 | Introduction


How does it look?


Before the meeting

Part 2 | Recipe


Ingredients | For the dough

Ingredients | For basic topping

Ingredients | For special toppings

Part 3 | Instructions

Step 1 | Add Dry Ingredients

Step 2 | Add Wet Ingredients

Step 3 | Put mixture in the mug.

Step 4 | Add Basic Topping

Step 5 | Add Special Toppings

Step 6 | Cook!

Step 7 | Cool

Part 4 | Badges



About This Page

Part 1 | Introduction ↑

Welcome ↑

We are going to make a mini-pizza for this coming meeting!

You will need to set-up in the kitchen for this.

We will make it at the start of the meeting.

We will then leave them to cool a little and play a game or quiz, before trying them out.


How does it look? ↑

Here is a picture of a test Julian made over the weekend, using the oven:-

Safety ↑

Remember to make sure you make this with an adult helping.

Make sure you have oven-gloves : the dish we cook this in will get very hot.

Let the dish cool down a little after cooking before eating.

Before the meeting ↑

Get the following ingredients:-

I used this:

Pre-heat your oven to 180C before the meeting.

Part 2 | Recipe ↑

In this section are the equipment and ingredients you will need.

Equipment ↑

You will need:-

1. An oven or a microwave

I will be using an oven; it should be pre-heated to 180 degrees C.

I have not tried this recipe with a microwave – so no guarantees!

2. A small oven proof bowl or mug

I chose to use a ceramic side dish or ramekin. Here is an example:-

The wider / shallower of the two dishes (on the left) was better.

If you plan to use a mug, then a wide shallow mug is better than a deep one.

If you are using a microwave, the dish should be microwave safe, and have little or no decoration on it.

3. A Tablespoon or Soup Spoon

A large spoon that an adult would eat desert or soup with.

When measuring use level measures – fill to level with the rim of the spoon.

Do not use heaped measures – heaped above the rim of the spoon – unless you are feeling confident.

4. A Bowl

For mixing the dough in.

You can mix directly in your bowl or mug instead.

5. A Fork

Use for mixing.

6. An oven tray.

If you are cooking this in the oven, then put the cup on a metal or ceramic oven tray to catch any spillages.

DO NOT use a metal tray in the microwave – it will result in an explosion!.

Ingredients | For the dough ↑

For one small dish or cup you will need the following (double it up for two etc).

1. Self-Raising Flour

4 level tablespoons' worth.

Ordinary flour can be used, but if you do, also add 1/5th of a tablespoon of baking powder and a pinch of baking soda to make it rise.

2. Salt

1/5th of a tablespoon of salt.

3. Milk

3 level tablespoons' worth (not sure how you might have a heaped tablespoon of milk!).

Water will do if you do not have any milk. Water is normal for pizza dough – milk makes it softer.

4. Vegetable or sunflower oil

1 level tablespoon worth.

Pizza dough is normally cooked in extremely hot wood burning ovens. As our oven cannot get that hot, we use a bit of oil to help the cooking.

5. Sugar

1 pinch of sugar for a slightly sweeter dough.

Ingredients | For basic topping ↑

A basic topping is tomato and cheese:-

1. Some Pizza Sauce

A tablespoon of Pizza Sauce.

Either buy a jar or make your own!

A quick version is to blend tin of tomatoes; tomato paste; parsley; oregano; salt and pepper. Then simmer until thick.

2. Grated Cheese

Some grated cheese (e.g., cheddar).

Ingredients | For special toppings ↑

Whatever else takes your fancy;-

Part 3 | Instructions ↑

Here are the instructions to make it.

Step 1 | Add Dry Ingredients ↑

Mix the following in a bowl:-

Mix well with your fork.

Step 2 | Add Wet Ingredients ↑

Then whisk the following into your mug:-

At milk first, spoon at a time, then oil.

Mix well with your fork into the flour until smooth dough (will be quite wet).

Step 3 | Put mixture in the mug. ↑

Grease inside of your dish or mug and lightly dust with flour.

Put the mixture in.

Step 4 | Add Basic Topping ↑

Put dishes onto a baking tray and add your basic topping.

Put in a dollop of pizza sauce, and sprinkle over the cheese.

Step 5 | Add Special Toppings ↑

Add any special toppings you have chosen. E.g. ham.

Step 6 | Cook! ↑

Make sure you use oven gloves, so you do not burn your hands if the cup is hot

If you are using an oven

Set your oven to 180 degrees C

Cook for about 20 minutes.

If you are using a microwave

Set your microwave power to "high".

Cook for about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Watch it in the microwave and turn off when it has stopped rising.

Step 7 | Cool ↑

Let the dish cool for about 5 minutes. Do something else whilst you are waiting.

Make sure you use oven gloves, so you do not burn your hands if the cup is still hot.

Part 4 | Badges ↑

Skills ↑

Skills Challenge Award

4b make cakes, bread, biscuits or something similar 4k another similar home skill agreed with your leader

Chef ↑

Chef's Activity Badge

2. Talk to your leader about the different ways of preparing and cooking food.

About this page


This page was created by Julian Turner, Section Assistant Leader, Falcon Pack, 1st Ripley Scouts, Derbyshire, UK.

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