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Part 1 | Introduction



Part 2 | Instructions

Step 1 | Equipment

Step 2 | Download Template

Step 3 | Cut out Template

Step 4 | Draw round template

Step 5 | Cut out cardboard

Step 6 | Fold it down the midde

Step 7 | Admire your phone!

Part 3 | Experiment / Innovate!

Idea 1 | Strengthen your design

Idea 2 | Strengthen your design | Experiment

Idea 3 | Make different stands

Idea 4 | Decorate and Stand Different Things

Idea 5 | Try different materials

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Part 1 | Introduction ⭱

Summary ⭱

This activity is a bit of fun making a stand for your mobile phone.

The stand could also be useful for anything else you might want a stand for.

The basic design is a cardboard cut-out, which you then fold.

You can find some instructions below.

Example ⭱

Here is the result!


Part 2 | Instructions ⭱

Step 1 | Equipment ⭱

You will need:

Step 2 | Download Template ⭱

Next, download and print out this template: Template.

There are three on there – start with the smallest.

You could draw them by hand if you feel confident!

Step 3 | Cut out Template ⭱

Cut out the template!

You should end up with this:-

Step 4 | Draw round template ⭱

Draw around it on your cardboard.

Step 5 | Cut out cardboard ⭱

Cut out the shape from your cardboard.

Step 6 | Fold it down the midde ⭱

Fold it down the middle and stand your phone on it!

You may need to pinch the card-board so it doesn't open out too much.

Step 7 | Admire your phone! ⭱

Here is mine (after a bit of a balancing act!).

Part 3 | Experiment / Innovate! ⭱

Explore from here.

Idea 1 | Strengthen your design ⭱

If you want to strengthen your design, try cutting two copies out, and gluing or stapling them together.

Idea 2 | Strengthen your design | Experiment ⭱

Find other ways to strengthen your design.

Try making it bigger.

Have a look at which bits of the carboard bend and see if you can reinforce them.

E.g., put a wooden toothpick through the sides to hold it together.

Try to be as innovative as you can.

Idea 3 | Make different stands ⭱

Try out the different sizes.

One is larger.

One has a less steep slope.

Idea 4 | Decorate and Stand Different Things ⭱

Paint your stand.

Try using for other things, like pictures, calendars or reminders.

Idea 5 | Try different materials ⭱

See if you have other materials you could make your stand with, or invent your own design.

Some examples from the internet.

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This page was created by Julian Turner, Section Assistant Leader, Falcon Pack, 1st Ripley Scouts, Derbyshire, UK.

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