23rd September 2020 : Return to Face to Face Scouting

Some general information.

Welcome Back!

This page is to let you know about how we will be managing face to face scouting given Covid 19.


We are going to have our first attempt at a Cubs evening at the Scout Hut following the Covid-19 lock down, within the current rules set by the Scouts nationally.

We have tried to plan for Covid 19 as much as possible; but we will ask you to bear with us if things need to change last minute; particularly given the current concerns about increasing Covid infection rates.

This page sets out information about how we will be running sessions and the procedures for arrival and departure.

Everyone : Our COVID 19 measures

As you may imagine, the group has been working hard to get the Scout Hut ready, and we set out in this page general information about our COVID 19 safety measures.

You can read more here Scouts COVID Page.

Everyone : Meetings will be limited to one hour (7pm to 8pm)

We will need time before and after to prepare the scout hut and clean and disinfect.

Accordingly we have taken the decision to reduce the meeting time to 7pm to 8pm on Tuesdays.

Normally it would be 7pm to 8.30pm

Everyone : 15 Cubs, 5 Leaders maximum

The current rules permit:

Everyone : Cubs split into groups

As the current rules permit 15 Cubs in a meeting, and as we have potentially 30 Cubs to plan for, we have split Cubs into two roughly equal groups.

This means that your Cub will be attending fortnightly, starting either on the 29th September 2020 or 6th October 2020, depending on the group.

This will be clear in your email inviting your Cub to one or other session from Online Scout Manager.

We have tried to take account of any preferences expressed in the recent Microsoft Forms survey.

If you have any concerns at any time, let us know and we can look at asking Cubs to swap groups.

We will replicate the same meeting for each group, so your Cub will not miss out.

Parents : Subscription Costs

We will not be making any charge for September 2020, and subscriptions will start from October 2020.

We will confirm the amount of the subscription shortly.

In order to remove the need for cash handling (receiving, handling and depositing cash), we are proposing to ask you all to sign-up to a Direct Debit scheme for subscriptions through Online Scout Manager.

You will receive a separate email asking you to set up a Direct Debit from Online Scout Manager.

If you want some general information about this see the OSM feature page: OSM Payments

If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact Michael Hawley.

Parents : Consent to Return

In order for your Cub to return, we will be asking you for your consent.

You will receive a separate email inviting you to a "dummy" event (just like you would for a normal event), but this is just for the purposes of capturing your consent.

Everyone : Our Meeting Procedure

We have also created a procedure for meetings which is also contained on this page.

Please could you read through this procedure and talk to your Cub about it, so that you are prepared.

Parents : Our programme

21st September 2020

Our overall plan for the next few weeks is to focus on getting all of the Cubs the

Challenge Badge.

Our first evening is for the Cubs to try some new sports they may not have tried before.

This programme will change according to how the advice of the government and the Scouts organisation changes.

Covid 19 Procedure: Our General Measures

This section sets out our general approach to COVID 19. Please click on the headings to reveal more information.

Everyone : Car Park is closed

We have taken the decision to close the car park.

This applies to all Adults, including Leaders.

This is to reduce the risk of large numbers of people building up in the car park.

If you have a special need to drop-off and pick-up your cub in the Scout Hut car park, then please email Michael Hawley, and we can discuss these needs with you.

Leaders : At least two Leaders and one other adult needed.

We may cancel a session if we do not have at least two adult Leaders and one other Adult or Young Leader available to run it

We need a Leader to supervise the gate and take the register.

We need a Leader and another Adult or Young Leader to supervise the Cubs as they arrive until the start of the meeting.

Everyone : Session may be cancelled if heavy rain.

We may cancel a meeting if heavy rain is forecast.

We are encouraged to have a mainly outdoor element to the meetings if possible.

This is because it will not be easy to manage a socially distanced meeting with everyone in the scout hall.

Everyone : Keep two meters apart

Everyone, including Adults, Young Leaders, Parents and Cubs, must keep 2 meters apart at all times, where possible; both when on the Scout Hut premises and queuing to get in.

Leaders will ensure clear guidelines are given to all members regarding social distancing to adults.

Everyone : Isolated if suspected of having COVID 19.

If anyone is suspected of having Covid 19 symptoms, they will be isolated away from the group immediately, and in the case of a Cub, their Parent will be contacted and asked to pick them up as soon as they can.

If a Cub is isolated, they will be looked after by two Adults.

Cubs : Split into groups of 4 or 5

We have suspended the sixer structure during the special COVID 19 measures.

As we can have a maximum of 15 cubs in an evening, we have decided to run the evenings by splitting Cubs into 3 roughly equal groups during the evening.

There will be three activities, which the groups will move between.

Everyone : Use disinfectant wipes

We will have a stock of disinfectant wipes kept in the kitchen for Adults and Young Leaders to use whenever required.

We will identify these during Flag Break.

All refuse to be double bagged and disposed of at Leaders house.

Everyone : Read the COVID 19 signage in the Scout Hut

COVID 19 hygiene and advice signage has been put up around the hut to remind all to respect and abide by current regulations.

Everyone : Use the hand sanitisers provided in the Scout Hut

Hand Sanitisation stations have been positioned:-

Cubs : Don't go into prohibited areas

Cubs will only be permitted to be in the main Scout Hut hall, and one at a time in the toilet.

All other inside areas are off-limits, such as:

Leaders : Preparare activity areas

Weather permitting, we will endeavour to use the car park and grass area of the Scout Hut, as well as the main hall.

Before the start of each session the Leaders will check the area and mark out any trip or uneven surfaces and make the Cubs aware of them at the start of the session.

Outside areas will also be inspected to see if there are any animal faeces present, and remove them.

Sufficient lighting will also be sourced for activities outside.

Sanitiser will be carried and used for any activities based outside of the hut.

Leaders : Clean activity equipment

All equipment used will be cleaned and disinfected:

If equipment is plastic, it can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes.

If it is made from a cloth material, the equipment will either be:


The use of equipment will be restricted to limit excessive amounts of equipment being removed from the cupboards.

Cubs will have their own named set of stationary e.g. pencils, scissors, colouring pencils, rubbers etc. They will not be allowed to share

All tables and chairs will be cleaned before and after each session, and between any activities.

Everyone : Keep the doors open

Doors to be wedged open to reduce touch points for all.

No one is to close the doors.

Everyone : One at a time for the toilet

We will only have one toilet operational in the evening.

There will be no queuing for the toilet or congregating in the toilet.

A Cub must ask an adult before going to the toilet.

There is a hand-santiser at the entrance to the toilet which everyone must use on the way in and out.

Cubs will be reminded to wash hands and dry using paper towels.

Leaders : Clean the toilet

Toilet facilities will be cleaned before a session starts and after closing ceremony.

Deep clean rota to be drawn up by GSL between all sections.

Covid 19 Procedure : Before the meeting

In this section we look at what you need to do before the meeting.

Parents : Did you sign the consent form for your Cub to attend.

Written permission for young person will have to be completed, signed and returned to section Leader before date of the meeting.

In order for your Cub to return, we will be asking you for your consent.

You will receive a separate email inviting you to an event (just like you would for a normal event), but this is just for the purposes of capturing your consent.

This only happens once.

Parents : Check which group your Cub is in.

Permitted Numbers

As of 10th September 2020 we are allowed to have the following numbers at the scout hut in one meeting:-


As we have potentially 30 Cubs, we have split the Cubs into two groups, who will meet on alternate weeks.

You will know your group from your invite to our first meeting.

See; Scouts COVID 19 Rules.

Everyone : Is anyone in your household at risk of COVID 19?


Before you decide to come along, please check if your Cub or anyone in your household have any symptoms:-

If you do, then please do not come along.

See NHS Advice.

Other Risk Factors

Before you decide to come along, please also consider whether your Cub should attend based on the following risk factors:-

Has anyone travelled abroad within the past 14 days? Government advice is to isolate for 14 days following travel to high-risk countries

Has anyone travelled to a Covid hotspot in the UK in the past 14 days?

Parents : Drop off and pick up by their parent or carer, and not a friend.

We would ask you to bring and collect your Cub yourself, and not have them share a lift with a friend.

This makes it easier to manage if we need you to take them back sooner for any reason.

Everyone (except Cubs) : Bring a face mask

Adults, Young Leaders and Scouts

All Adults, Young Leaders and Scouts will be expected to wear a face mask at all times except as follows:

Cubs and Beavers

Cubs and beavers do not need to wear face mask at any time.

Everyone : Bring warm outdoor clothing and shoes.

Our activities are likely to be a mixture of indoors and outdoors (and mostly outdoors), and we may leave the doors to the Scout Hut open.

Accordingly everyone should make sure they are:

Wrapped up warm.

Have a rainproof coat and outdoor shoes.

Everyone : Please bring your own drink and snack.

We are not going to be preparing or providing drinks or buiscuits during COVID 19.

If you or your Cub is likely to need a drink or snack, then please could you arrange this, and get your Cub to bring it with them.

Cubs must not share drinks or snacks with anyone else.

Leaders : Clean toilets.

Leaders will ensure toilets are cleaned before the start of a meeting before Cubs start arriving.

Leaders : Wedge open doors.

Leaders to wedge open doors before Cubs arrive to reduce touch points for all.

Covid 19 Procedure : Arriving at the Scout Hut

These are the instructions for arriving at the Scout Hut.

Everyone : Please park on Butterly Hill and walk up Hill Lane.

Scout Hut Car Park Closed

We have closed the Scout Hut car park, except for Cubs and Parents who need to drive up due to a disability : please let us know in advance so we know to expect you.

We decided to do this because we intend to use the car park for some activities.

We also decided to do this also to avoid a crowd of people for COVID 19 reasons.

Please park on Butterly Hill and walk up with your child

As the Scout Hut car park is closed, it could get busy on Hill Street.

In order to avoid angering local residents, if possible, please park on Butterly Hill road and walk up with your Cub to the Scout Hut.

As we are splitting the group into alternate weeks, hopefully the traffic should be relatively light.

Parents : Queue with your child on the right side of the driveway.

Only Leaders, Cubs and Helpers may come into the Scout Hut ground.

A Leader will be present at the gate to receive one Cub at a time into the scout hut grounds.

In order to maintain social distancing we would ask you to queue on the RIGHT hand side of the Scout Hut driveway leading up to the Scout Hut gate, maintaining 2 meters distance between each other if you can.

We have chosen the RIGH HAND side, in order to keep the public jitty on the LEFT clear of people.

This is for both dropping-off and picking-up.

Once you have handed-over or collected your child, walk back down the LEFT side of the Scout Hut drive.

Leaders : At least three Adults needed to receive Cubs

A least three Leaders, Young Leaders and/or Helpers will be needed and present at the Scout Hut to receive the Cubs and supervise them until the meeting starts.

One to supervise the gate and register.

Two to receive the Cubs into a waiting area and supervise them before the session starts.

Parents : One Cub at a time to enter.

We will receive one Cub at a time into the scout hut grounds.

A Leader will be present at the gate to receive your child and direct them where to go next, where at least two other Leaders or Helpers will take charge of them.

The will be one of the following, depending on where flag break is going to be held:-

Into the scout hut to sit on a designated seat.

Into the scout hut car park, keeping 2 meters distance.

Leaders : Maintain register of attendance

Record attendance of each Cub.

Record attendance of each Leader.

Record attendance of each Parent who stays to help out.

Maintained for the purposes of track and trace.

Parents : Hand your Cub over to a leader at the gate.

Adults, you must make sure that you see your Cub handed to a Leader marking a register so that we have a record of all Cubs who attended.

Everyone : Sanitise your hands on the way in.

There is a hand-sanitiser outside by the scout hut entrance door.

Each Cub, Leader and Helper must sanitise their hands as they go past it.

Hand sanitisation stations are positioned at:

Hand sanitisation stations will be pointed out by Leaders on the evening.

Covid 19 Procedure for flag break

Cub : Please sit or stand in your designated place.

When inside we will adopt measures to keep Cubs separated when waiting or attending the ceremonly.

Allocated seating place

For the duration of the evening Cubs may be allocated a place to sit in the Scout Hut main hall, when they want to sit down, which they will be directed to when they first arrive.

They must use that place for the whole evening and not any other place.

We may provide white boards for Cubs to write their name on and leave there so they know where to go back to.

Leaders will sanitise whiteboards and pens before and after the meeting.

Cubs will leave their drink and snack at their seat.

Standing Mats

When standing, we may lay down a series of mats which the Cubs should stand on to keep 2 meters apart.

Cubs should make sure they stay on their designated mat until told otherwise.

Cubs : Please follow instructions exactly.

Because of the need to maintain proper COVID 19 distancing, Leaders will remind Cubs not to run about or congregate, and to follow instructions.

Parents, please could you emphasise to your Cub that they must follow our rules properly and precisely, otherwise they may put themselves or others in harms way.

Leaders : Remind Cubs of the code of conduct.

All Cubs to adhere to Pack code of conduct at all times.

Leaders to explain code of conduct to new Cubs

Leaders to run termly reminder of code of conduct.

Cubs : Follow the code of conduct.

  1. We listen to each other do not interupt
  2. We are kind to each other
  3. We respect other people including their feelings and
  4. opinions
  5. We look after our building and equipment
  6. We DO NOT tolerate bullying of any kind
  7. We help each other
  8. We do not shout or scream
  9. We talk to a leader if we are unhappy about anything
  10. We always do our best
  11. We have lots of fun because Cubs are the best!

Leaders : Identify who is the first aider for the evening.

Leader to identify who is the first aider for the evening.

The first aider will wear gloves and apron when they are needed.

If possible, the first aider will give instructions to a Cub on how to self administer first aid to themselves keeping socially distant at all times.

If necessary, a first aider will wear a face shield if they must get in close proximity of the casualty and if possible, so will the casualty.

Leaders : Split cubs up for activities

The Leader will explain the activities for the evening, split the cubs into groups of 4 or 5, and send them one group at a time to their activity with the Adult running it.

Covid 19 Procedure for activities.

Specific rules will be provided for the activity in question, not mentioned here.

Everyone : Sanitise hands

At the start of the activity, everyone present should sanitise their hands.

When moving between an activity, everyone moving should sanitise their hands.

At the end of all activities, everyone should sanitise their hands.

Leaders : Disinfect Equipment

Equipment will be disinfected before the start of the evening.

Equipment will be disinfected after each activity session.

Equipment will be disinfected after the end of the evening.

Plastic equpment can be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Cloth equipment will either be quarantined for 72 hours or soaked in a milton solution and left for 15 minutes.


Covid 19 Procedure : Drink Break

Leaders : Send one group at a time to their seats

When it is time for a break, the groups of Cubs will be asked to return, one group at a time, to their designated seats in the Scout Hall, and the same for returning to activities.

Alternativey they may be asked to collect their drink and snack to have outside and then return it to their designated seating area after.

Covid 19 Procedure : Closing Ceremony

Leaders : Send one group at a time to their seats

When it is time for the closing ceremony, the groups of Cubs will be asked to return, one group at a time, to their designated seats in the Scout Hall.

Leaders : Return Cubs to Parents one at a time

After the closing ceremony, Cubs will be called from their designated seats, one at a time to be collected by their Parent.

Covid 19 procedure for departure

Cubs : Move to designated seat or standing area.

Cubs will be moved to their designated seat or standing area for closing ceremony and told to wait there until called.

Parents : Please arrive 5 minutes before the end of the session.

The session is due to end at about 8pm.

We recommend you arrive up to 5 minutes before the end so that we are able to hand your Cub back to you as soon as the session is over.

This helps to reduce the amount of unsupervisied activity.

Parents : Queue for your Cub on the right side of the driveway.

As on arrival, please queue on the RIGHT of the Scout Hut driveway to collect your Cub, trying to maintain about 2 meters distance.

A Leader will come to the gate to supervise hand-back of the Cubs.

We will keep the Cubs waiting in a wating area.

We will ask you for your Cub's name and call them over to you to take away.

Everyone : Sanitise your hands on the way out.

After the closing ceremony, everyone must sanitise their hands before leaving the Scout Hut using the nearest available hand sanitiser.

Leaders : At least two to remain until all Cubs collected.

A least two Leaders will be present at the Scout Hut at all times until all Cubs have been collected.

Covid 19 procedure after end of meeting

Leaders : Clean Scout Hut

Leaders to ensure toilets are cleaned after the end of a meeting, after Cubs and Parents have left.

All internal areas to be cleaned after each session paying special attention to touch point areas, tables, chairs and equipment.

All equipment to be cleaned.

Anti-viral and bacterial cleaner to be used.

Anti-viral and bacterial wipes where appropriate.

Leaders : Disposal of refuse.

At the end of a meeting, all refuse wil be double bagged and disposed of at a Leader's house.

Leaders : Maintain Register.

Attendance register kept for at least 6 weeks on OSM to allow for easy ‘track and trace’ if necessary

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