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Part 1 | Introduction

Part 2 | Questions

Question 1 | A car for the people?

Question 2 | Can you pick up this answer?

Question 3 | Oh lord won't you by me one?

Question 4 | Would you believe it?

Question 5 | Beemer me up Scotty

Question 6 | You will be a star if you get this one!

Question 7 | These don't make good pets.

Question 8 | Don't horse around.

Question 9 | Don't wing this answer

Question 10 | The horns of a dilemma

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Part 1 | Introduction ⭱

The object is to guess the logo of the car maker.

There is a bonus point if you can name each country they come from.

Part 2 | Questions ⭱

There are 12 Questions

Question 1 | A car for the people? ⭱




The maker is German

The English translation is "the peoples' car".

Their most iconic car is the Golf:-

Question 2 | Can you pick up this answer? ⭱




Maker is from the USA

class="ScoutsBoxBodyTextNormal">They are particularly known for their pick-up trucks (the Chevy):-

Don McLean drove his Chevy to the Levy in the song American Pie:-

Question 3 | Oh lord won't you by me one? ⭱



Mercedes Benz

Marker Germany

The three spikes symbolize transportation on air, water, and land.

Made famous by the song Janis Joplin - " Mercedes-Benz "

Question 4 | Would you believe it? ⭱




Maker is Japanese.

It is named after the founder, Mr Suzuki.

It means "bell wood", and is the second most common surname in Japan.

Question 5 | Beemer me up Scotty ⭱




Maker is German.

It means Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

In the UK its nickname is a "Beamer".

The logo is the blue and white from the flag of BMW's home German state of Bavaria.

Question 6 | You will be a star if you get this one! ⭱




Maker is Japanese.

Subaru's logo (and name) represents the constellation for which it is named in Japanese, one of the Seven Sisters, constellations: the Pleiades

They represent the seven daughters of the Titan "Atlas" and the Oceanid "Pleione", who were pursued by the hunter Orion until Zeus changed them into a cluster of stars.

Six (or more) stars are visible to the naked eye but there are actually some five hundred present, formed very recently in stellar terms.

Hence why there are only six on the logo,

Popular rally car:

Question 7 | These don't make good pets. ⭱




Maker is English.

Alternative logo is:-

Lots of bad jokes.

A large cat walks into a guarage and eats a spanner.

The guarage owner asks why?

The cat says : "I'm a tool-eater jag".

Question 8 | Don't horse around. ⭱




Maker is Italian

You can see the Italian flag colours on the badge.

Ferrari's prancing horse emblem dates back to 1923 when founder Enzo Ferrari would paint a horse on the side of his race cars for good luck.

He had the idea from Francesco Baracca who was a World War One pilot who was sadly killed in battle. Baracca used to paint the symbol of a horse on the sides of the planes he flew.

Question 9 | Don't wing this answer ⭱



Aston Martin

Maker is English.

The classic "wings" logo of Aston Martin can be seen on cars made all the way back into the 1930s.

class="ScoutsBoxBodyTextNormal">A favourite of james bond.

Equipped with all sorts of gadgets including machine guns and tyre shredders:-

Question 10 | The horns of a dilemma ⭱




Maker is Italian.

Lamborghini's iconic bull appears in the logo due to founder Feruccio Lamborghini's passion for bullfighting.

Noted for their wild car designs.

Their classic is the Countach:-

"Countach" literally means plague, contagion, and is actually used to express amazement or even admiration. It is Italian for OMG!

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