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Part 2 | Questions

Question 1 | Spot the mast!

Question 2 | How powerful?

Question 3 | How big?

Question 4 | Dangerous selfies!

Question 5 | Phubbing?

Question 6 | Nomophobia?

Question 7 | How many?

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Part 2 | Questions ↑

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Question 1 | Spot the mast! ↑

Which of these pictures has a mobile phone mast in it?

Correct! It is made to look like a cactus.

Correct as well!

Mobile phone companies try extremely hard to keep masts hidden, can get highly creative.

Correct again!

Disguising masts as trees is very popular.

Question 2 | How powerful? ↑

Computers began to be made in the 1940s and 1950s.

To be as powerful as a smart phone today, how big would a computer from the 1950s need to be?


A car sized computer from the 1950s would have been the same as a simple pocket calculator today.


A school is big, but no where near enough.

It might have been as clever as your microwave is today.


An IBM 650 computer could store 1 small picture at most!

This is how big it was in 1954:-

Question 3 | How big? ↑

How big was an early mobile phone?


They were not quite that big. Don't think that would be very "mobile".

Imagine trying to put that to your ear!


Image trying to get this into your coat pocket!

The first mobile phone was made in 1973.

The first mobile phones that went on sale in 1983 cost nearly £10,000 each in today's money.


They were bigger than that.

However, they were eventually made smaller, and used to be called "bricks".

Question 4 | Dangerous selfies! ↑

A selfie is when you take a picture of yourself using the camera on the front of the phone.

Did you know that more people have died from accidents when taking selfies, than shark attacks!

Which of these is a genuine risky selfie and which is "fake news"?


This was a trick of the camera angle!


This image is real - it is a vertical cliff 900 feet below her.

Most selfie accidents happen when people get too close to the edge and slip, or the cliff edge breaks underneath them.

Please do not take these risks.


This is an example of "fake" news.

As you grow up, do not believe everything you are told - find out for yourself.

Question 5 | Phubbing? ↑

What does "phubbing" mean?


But there is a condition called "texting thumb".

The tendon in the thumb becomes inflamed as it rubs repeatedly against the other internal parts of your hand.


Did you know that 5,761 phone screens are broken every hour in the world? That is nearly two per second! That is nearly 50 million per year!

Did you know that 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down the loo in the UK every year?


It is phone-snubbing!

It means using your phone and ignoring everyone around you.

Question 6 | Nomophobia? ↑


Pronounced – NO – MO – FO – BEE - AH


Who cares? Who will miss all their silly pictures?


It is phone addiction.

My nephew's phone ran out of battery on a train to London, and he was so worried he made me ask to borrow a charger from another person on the train!

Did you know that the average person unlocks their mobile phone 110 times a day!

Did you know that over 90% of people have their phone next to them at all times.


That is just called jealousy!

Question 7 | How many? ↑


How many phones are there in the world today?


4.8 billion.

That is 68% of the world's population.

Did you know that more people in the world can access a mobile phone than they can a toilet!

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