Remembrance Day

Tuesday 10th November, 7pm | A meeting to respect the armed forces.


Part 1 | Tasks Before the Meeting

Stand outside at 11am on Sunday 8th November 2020

Make a spitfire and decorate it!

Part 2 | Our plan for the meeting

Remembrance Day

Important Dates

Agenda for our meeting

Part 3 | Meeting Report


Make a spitfire and decorate it!

Spitfire | George

Spitfire | Max

Spitfire | Oscar

Car Badges Quiz

Puzzle for the week

Part 4 | Badges



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Part 1 | Tasks Before the Meeting ⭱

We set the following tasks to be done before the meeting.

Stand outside at 11am on Sunday 8th November 2020 ⭱

See Michael's post on our Facebook Page.

We would like you join in with the stand outside at 11am on Sunday 8th November: -

Hi All, I hope you are keeping well.
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions this year's Remembrance Sunday parade and service is not going to be taking place as normal through Ripley.
As leaders we have put our heads together and thought it would nice if at 11am on Sunday 8th November our fabulous Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts (and fantastic Young Leaders!) put on their Uniforms and stood on their doorstep, front garden, pavement in front of their house and observed the two minutes silence to remember all those who lost their lives in the two world wars and later conflicts.
If parents would like to send a photo in to your leader of your child in their uniform, before or after the 2 minutes silence, we will put them together to make a collage of photos and share it on our Facebook group.

This fits in with the Ripley Town Council plan: -

Make a spitfire and decorate it! ⭱

We would like you to make a spitfire (or other aeroplane of your choice) and colour it / decorate it.

We have included some instructions below for how you might do this.

See: Activity | Make a Spitfire

We will inspect them in the meeting.

Part 2 | Our plan for the meeting ⭱

Remembrance Day ⭱

This meeting will be about Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day is about acknowledging all our armed forces, who put their lives at risk for us both today and in the past.

Remembrance Day is about trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and respecting what people have done for us.

You can read about Remembrance Day here: Remembrance Day (Wikipedia).

The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance Day because it was the first flower to grow back in the battlefields.

The poppy pictured is one of the Paul Cummins poppies from the Tower of London in 2014:

Important Dates ⭱

The important dates you should remember are:-

11am on the 11th November

This is when World War One stopped in 1918.

It is customary for everyone in the country to be still and silent for 1 or 2 minutes at that time, to signify our respect.

Fighting formally stopped "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month".

Remembrance Sunday

This is a day of official ceremonies, on the Sunday before the 11th November.

It is again customary for everyone to be silent for 1 or 2 minutes at 11am on that Sunday, to signify our respect.

You will have an important task for this (see below).

Agenda for our meeting ⭱

If you can, please wear a poppy for the meeting.

  1. Everyone joins the Zoom meeting and has a chat.
  2. We will briefly remind everyone of how Zoom works.
  3. We will hold a formal "flag break" : we will pick one cub who will be asked to say "cubs do your best", and all of the other cubs will reply "we will do our best".
  4. We will talk about Remembrance Day.
  5. We will have one minute's zoom silence as our mark of respect.
  6. We will have a look at any pictures you have sent in from your tasks.
  7. We will have a look at your Spitfire aeroplanes.
  8. If we have time, we might try a logo quiz or puzzle quiz.

Part 3 | Meeting Report ⭱

Remembrance ⭱

All the Scout Group was asked to stand outside at 11am on Sunday 8th November as a mark of respect for our falling soldiers of the past and present.

We looked through all the pictures people had posted on the group's Facebook page.

Michael Hawley created an amazing collage.

Make a spitfire and decorate it! ⭱

We asked the cubs to have a go at making a Spitfire using the design you can find in the instructions here:-

Everyone made some really good aeroplanes, and we showed them off on the Zoom meeting.

Well done everyone.

The boxes below are some pictures sent in.

Spitfire | George ⭱

George created an airline (Richard Branson in the making).

Spitfire | Max ⭱

Max created some great wing markings.

Spitfire | Oscar ⭱

Oscar drew some poppies on the wings – great idea.

Car Badges Quiz ⭱

We then had a go at a car badges quiz.

You can try it here: Car Badge Quiz

I was impressed how much everyone knew.

There is some information in the quiz about the origins of the car badges.

Puzzle for the week ⭱

We finished off with a puzzle.

How many holes are there in this tee-shirt?

EIGHT (8) !

The neck, the two arms, the bottom, and then the two tears.

The two tears are in fact four holes, as you can see right through, so there must be one at the front and one at the back.

Part 4 | Badges ⭱

We set the following tasks to be done before the meeting.

Spitfire ⭱

See the Spitfire instructions for what Badges that covers.

World ⭱

World Badge

3. Take part in an act of worship, reflection or celebration.

About this page


This page was created by Julian Turner, Section Assistant Leader, Falcon Pack, 1st Ripley Scouts, Derbyshire, UK.

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