Jungle Jo!

Learn to love cockroaches!


Part 1 | Report


Animal List

A Hissing Cockroach

A Tarantula

A Python

A Lizard

A Milipede

A Frog

Interesting Facts

Part 2 | Badges

Animal Carer Activity Badge

Naturalist Activity Badge

Part 1 | Report ⭱

Summary ⭱

The 1st Ripley group arranged a Zoom meeting with Jungle Jo for all sections.

You can read about her here Jungle Jo and here Facebook.

She has a room in her house which is given over to jungle critters of the kind you might find on "I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here".

She picks each of them up and shows them close to the camera and tells you some interesting information about them.

She also answers your questions about them.

Questions were typed in on the group chat and read out by the leaders (her hands were too full of critters to read the questions).

Lots of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts attended.

Animal List ⭱

Jo showed us the following (My Animals), which she held in her hands!

A Hissing Cockroach ⭱

From Madagascar.

A Tarantula ⭱


A Python ⭱

Although Jo's version wasn't this big!

A Lizard ⭱

Think it was a Skink.

A Milipede ⭱

A Frog ⭱

Interesting Facts ⭱

Some of the interesting facts that we learned were:-

Part 2 | Badges ⭱

Counts towards the following badges.

Animal Carer Activity Badge ⭱


Link | Scouts - Animal Carer


"Visit a zoo, wildlife park, animal sanctuary or rescue centre. Find out about some of the animals you see. What are their feeding habits and natural habitats?"

Naturalist Activity Badge ⭱


Link | Scouts - Naturalist


"Learn how to identify six different living things from two categories:-
minibeasts and insects"

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This page was created by Julian Turner, Section Assistant Leader, Falcon Pack, 1st Ripley Scouts, Derbyshire, UK.

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